About us


The Nicosia Motorcycle Club carries a rich history of 30 years on its back.

It was created in the last century with the year of “birth” in 1985.

It went through many stages of development and decline, but the main thing is that it managed to survive through a lot of ups and downs. So 30 years later the club has a lot to say and give to the motorcyclist of Nicosia and beyond.

In the early stages, the first years that is, the main objective was the racing section which was then called Motocross. There was no infrastructure for anything else at that time, everything was based on motocross, although some tours were organized then too but in very small numbers.

The pride of our club was the champions in motocross in the various categories of the time. It all revolved around their performance so our club was the most successful. There are many names of athletes who came through the tracks in those days. The years went by at the same pace until the end of the 1980s. The end of that decade brought the decline of the club, slowly everything fell into disuse until the club was no longer in operation.

In 1996, with the motorcycle marches being at their peak, some people showed great interest in rebuilding and reopening the Nicosia Motorcycle Club. People with ideas, and an appetite for work, manage to revive the club.

The reopening began with the renewal of our license as a club by the Superintendent of Clubs. Another important element was the addition of the word LEDRA to our name. Ledra was an ancient city-kingdom of Cyprus, at the site of present-day Nicosia.

Our first stop after the reorganization and reopening was housing. We managed to find places to house our members so they always have their “own” space. We worked and sweated a lot to build and decorate our first own space. With our hands, we managed to transform a small ruinous space in old Nicosia into a perfectly functional space that we all enjoyed. Unfortunately, after 2 years we had to leave. So we moved a little further down the road to the space where we are now housed. There again we all had to do our bit to raise our banner again on the damp walls. And we’re not just talking about manpower, we had also the financial power to do it. This financial euphoria came from:

  • membership fees
  • excellent race organization that always leaves our sponsors perfectly happy
  • good financial management

This second point, the excellent race organization allows us to survive through time. We were the first ones who were included in the racing calendar Scooter, Motard, Scramble and Enduro races. With slow and steady steps we were the first ones who managed to carry out such races. We had to struggle but we managed, we even registered with the CAA to keep up with the local standards. We worked with the Limassol club and in the early stages, these races were a huge success and that is why they are still in the racing calendar today.

The respective councils gave and still give enormous importance to the flawless organization of matches. This is how we proved and still prove to our sponsors the certainty that we will always organize perfect events.

Another point of success is the fact that we have many members who are interested in travel. One of our original plans was to organize trips, both locally and abroad. Since 1997 we have been organizing our annual summer and winter meetings, plus 5-6 local daily and two-day trips. We also travel to the National Motorcycle Gathering every year.

We print our own pocket calendar with all the events we do, anyone can request and get it. Proof that we are working effectively here too is that motorcyclists from other cities have joined us and are participating in our events. Christmas parties, costume parties, pool nights, live satellite broadcasts of GP races, barbeque nights etc. We don’t stop anywhere, our goal is to bring, all motorcyclists together. We have issued diptychs to arouse interest so that they can complain to us about dangerous spots on the roads, with the cooperation of the police and some radio stations.